Cooling Products for Pets

Because it is more difficult for animals to lose body heat, they suffer a lot quicker on hot days, since the only way for them to decrease their body temperature is through their tongue and the soles of their paws. Unlike humans, dogs and cats cannot regulate their body temperature by sweating, so they are more prone to heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Signs of heatstroke include rapid panting, weakness, red or pale gums, and thick sticky saliva. Age, fitness level and breed all can affect how well a dog does in the heat, but even a young, healthy and active dog can get overheated when it’s sunny and over ninety degrees.That is why many veterinarians explicitly advise: Prevention is better than cure. Check on your pet often on hot days, and keep him cool by:

  • Set them up with a HYPERKEWL Evaporative cooling dog vest and Cooling bed.
  • Keep him in the shade whenever possible.
  • Use a cage fan to provide a breeze.
  • Offer cooling surfaces for your pet, such as the Cool Bed  or a cooling or freeze a toy bone for him to chew.
  • Get an inexpensive child pool to let your dog take a refreshing dip.
  • Groom to remove loose hair to keep your pet more comfortable.
  • Providing fresh, cool water often, especially after activity; add ice cubes to the bowl.

Clearly, the summer heat and your pet’s safety is something to taken very seriously. What will work best for both you and your pet will vary from situation to situation and dog to dog, depending on your dog’s age, their health, their body size and hair, available shade, your ability to keep their water fresh and clean, actual temperatures, humidity levels and more. Remember: None replaces common sense. Know the early signs of heat exhaustion in dogs, such as heavy panting, restlessness or a “belled-out” tongue, and get your dog cool and inside before it gets worse.

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These products will prevent a rise in core temperature and  prevent your pet from suffering from the heat.

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