The Coolest Motorcycle Jacket Ever Made! HYPERKEWL Deluxe Sport Vest with Detachable Sleeves

MOTORCYCLIST TAKE NOTICE, THERE IS A SOLUTION TO KEEPING COMFORTABLE DURING THE SUMMER. For everyone who is die hard about riding a motorcycle in the Summer Heat, you know it can be more then brutal! There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when preping for a ride. Do i have enough water, Did i put sunscreen on, Is it cloudy out, should i wear a long sleeve shirt, do i feel like riding in an oven today? With the HyperKewl Deluxe Sport Vest with Detachable Sleeves that Cool and Hot Technology offers these concerns will be no more. The complete coverage that the vest provides and the cooling relief it delivers while riding a motorcycle is nothing short of amazing! This style is so versatile it gives you the option to remove the full sleeves by just unzipping for those times when you only need the vest. There is nothing more satisfying then cruising the open road cool and comfortable!

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